• The company was founded in 1992 with head quarter in Tromsø, Norway

  • The company has developed a high-quality simulator for cars and for heavy vehicles based on SimWorld and 6DOF, 3DOF, and 2 DOF motion platforms. The simulators handle RHD as well as LHD (Left hand traffic and Right hand traffic).

  • Production, system integration and installation is performed by partner company Automex in Poland.

  • Resellers and OEM/VAR partners in Canada, Poland, France, Italy, Thailand, and Australia.

  • Today, AutoSim is the biggest vendor of "top-of-the-range" driving simulators on the European market.

  • The company has delivered driving simulators and simulator software to customers in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, England, France, USA, Korea, Spain, Morocco, Canada, Singapore, India, Lithuania, China, Estonia, Italy, Poland, The Czech Republic, Thailand, and Australia.